How many scudetto did roma win?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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18, one more than AC Milan.

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Q: How many scudetto did roma win?
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How many scudetto did juventus win?


How much scuttedo has won bayern on bundesliga?

Bayern Munich can not win the scudetto . as it is a trophy for Italian teams.

How many Scudetto titles has AC Milan won?

17, one fewer than Inter

What are the soccer teams in Italy playing for?

They play for a cup called the Scudetto.

Do the roma prefer to be called Gypsies?

Roma are one of many type of Gypsy.

How many times has roma won the league?

roma have won the laegue about 10 times in their history

How many goals has Francesco Totti scored for Roma?

He has scored over 150 goals for Roma.

Italian Team with most scudetto's won?

In Italy A.c. Milan have won the most cups.

How many times has A.S Roma won in the champion league?

Roma unfortunately never won the Champions League

Is there a city named rome in every continent?

There is Roma, Queensland, a town in Australia Puerto Roma, Ecuador Roma, Botoşani, a town in Romania Roma, Sweden, a town in Sweden Roma, Texas, a town in the United States (There are many more in the united states) Roma, Lesotho, a town in Africa Roma, Indonesia There are cities in Antarctica but not one called Rome

Why does Inter Milan have a star on their badge?

You get one star for every ten league titles you win. Inter and Milan have both won 17, hence one star. Juventus have won 27 and so have two. Genoa come next after those three on 9, so next time Genoa win the Scudetto, they'll have a star awarded them.

How many trophies juventus won altogether?

51 overall(includes national championships a.k.a. scudetto,Champions league,UEFA cup,major domestic cups,super cups and international cups)