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18, one more than AC Milan.

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Q: How many scudetto as inter Milan won?
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How many Scudetto titles has AC Milan won?

17, one fewer than Inter

How many Italian league have inter Milan won?

They have won the Italian league, Inter Milan 17 times.

Italian Team with most scudetto's won?

In Italy A.c. Milan have won the most cups.

How many champion league has inter Milan have won?

Inter Milan have won it 3 times in 1963, 1964 and in 2010.

Who won the Milan Cup?

It was Inter Milan.

How many times have Milan won champions league?

Which Milan are you asking about?A.c. Milan have won it 7 times, and Inter Milan have won it 3 times.

Who has won the most derbies Milan or inter?

in the league is inter theyve won 64 milan 59 with 52 draws, but in all competitions, milan have won more milan have won 107, inter 95, with 72 draws

How many times has inter won the champions league?

Inter Milan have won it way back in 1964, and 1965.

How many times inter won the seria a?

Inter Milan have so far won 16 Seria A titles.

How many times have Milan won the Champions League?

A.C. Milan have won the champion league 7 times. Inter Milan have won it 3 times.

Why does Inter Milan have a star on their badge?

You get one star for every ten league titles you win. Inter and Milan have both won 17, hence one star. Juventus have won 27 and so have two. Genoa come next after those three on 9, so next time Genoa win the Scudetto, they'll have a star awarded them.

How many italian teams has won the champions league?

3. Juventus, Inter Milan and ac milan. AC milan have won 7 times, Inter 3 times and Juventus 2 times.

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