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Q: How many scoring titles did Michael Jordan earn during his career?
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What was Michael Jordan's average during his last year of high school?

Michael Jordan's scoring average during his last year of High School was 28.4.

What was Michael Jordan's scoring average during his last year of high school?

Michael Jordan's scoring average in his senior year in high school was 30 points per game.

How many points did Michael Jordan average for his career?

Michael Jordan made a total of 32,292 points over the course of his career.

What Position did Michael Jordan Played?

Michael was a professional basketball player for the Chicago Bulls. During his career, Michael played the position of a shooting guard.

When did Michael Jordan play collage basketball?

Michael Jordan played for North Carolina during the 1981, 1982, and 1983 seasons. He left UNC after his juinor year and entered the NBA draft.

How many times did Michael Jordan beat the Los Angeles Lakers during his career?

Never. However he and his team mates may have done so

How many home runs did Michael Jordan hit in his career?

During his one season with the Birmingham Barons, Jordan hit three home runs and struck out 114 times(!). Maybe that's why he returned to basketball.

How many times did Jordan go to the playoffs?

During his NBA career, Michael Jordan went to the NBA playoffs a total of 13 times. Of those 13 times, he won six championships with the Chicago Bulls.

What is Michael Jordan's career high in points?

Michael Jordan had a career high of 69 points with his Chicago Bulls in a win against the Cleveland Cavaliers on March 28, 1990. Jordan's statistics during the game were:50 Minutes69 points23/37 FG2/6 3P21/23 FT18 Rebounds (7 Offensive, 11 Defensive)6 Assists4 Steals1 Block2 Turnovers5 Personal Fouls

What sport did Michael Jordan play during his first retirement?

Michael Jordan's first retirement was from the sport of professional basketball.

Where did Michael Jordan make his dunks?

Michael Jordan made his slam dunks on the basketball court during basketball games.

Childhood of Michael Jordan?

what was Michael j. fox doing during his childhood?