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He had 41.5 career sacks

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2021-08-06 15:28:43
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Brian Urlacher has 41 career sacks

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Q: How many sacks does Brian Urlacher have all time?
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How many sacks did James Harrison have in 2008?

In 2008, James Harrison set the Steelers all-time single season record for sacks with 16.

Who has the most all time sacks?

Bruce Smith. 200 career sacks.

Who is the Ravens all time leader in sacks?

The Ravens all-time leader in sacks is Peter Boulware with 70. Second with 53 sacks is Terrell Suggs, and third with 51 is Michael McCrary with 51.

Who has the most career sacks in the NFL?

The all-time record for sacks in the NFL is held by Bruce Smith, with 200.

How many sacks does James harrison have in his career?

Standout linebacker James Harrison has played 10 years-- 9 with the Pittsburgh Steelers and 1 with the Cincinnati Bengals. During that time he has accumulated 66 sacks.

Which NFL quarterback was sacked the most all time?

As of the 2008 season: 1) John Elway - 516 sacks 2) Dave Krieg - 494 sacks 3) Randall Cunningham - 484 sacks 4) Phil Simms - 477 sacks 5) Brett Farve - 469 sacks

Who is the Broncos all time leader in sacks?

Simon Fletcher

Who holds the record for all-time sacks for the Saints?

Rickey Jackson

Who is the Miami Dolphins all time sack leader?

Jason Taylor He is still in the NFL (2011) and currently has 136.5 sacks and is currently in 8th place on the all time sack leaders list but with 2 sacks he takes 6th place and with 5 sacks he takes 5th place.

Which eagle was team leader in sacks 5 different time?

Reggie white

What packer player ranks 3rd all-time for sacks in Packer history?

Kevin Green currently holds the number three spot on most sacks in Packers History. He has 160 total sacks and was the outside linebackers coach until his retirement in 2014.

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