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Reggie White was credited with 198 sacks during his NFL career (1985-2000).

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Q: How many sacks did Reggie White have?
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Who led the Philadelphia Eagles in quarterback sacks for five seasons?

Reggie White.

Which eagle was team leader in sacks 5 different time?

Reggie white

Which player had the most sacks in a Super Bowl?

Reggie White (Green Bay) and Darnell Dockett (Arizona) with 3 sacks each.

What record does reggie white hold?

198 sacks 3 pics 1,106 tackles

Who holds the Philadelphia Eagles record for sacks in a season?

Reggie White set the Eagles single season record with 21 sacks in 1987.

Who is the NFL single season sack leader?

Michael Strahan with 22.5 sacks

Which football term is defined as a tackle of the quarterback behind his line of scrimmage?

Sack Bruce Smith had 200 career sacks, and Reggie White had 198 sacks.

Who holds the record for the most sacks for the Philadelphia Eagles?

Trent cole this year, Reggie white all time

Which great defensive end had 3 sacks in Super Bowl XXXI to help the Green Bay Packers secure the victory?

Reggie White.

How many career sacks does ray Lewis have?

Ray Lewis retired as the only NFL player with 41.5 sacks and 31 interceptions.

Was Reggie white a defensive tackle?

Reggie White was a defensive end

When was Reggie White born?

Reggie White was born on December 19, 1961.