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8 carries 5 yards 2td

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Q: How many rushing yards did William Perry have in his NFL career?
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How many career rushing yards did Kurt Warner have?

He had about 87 career rushing yards

What is Barry Sanders total career rushing yards?

15,269 yards.

Emmitt Smith rushing yards record is?

18,355 career yards

Who had most rushing yards in Atlanta Falcons history?

Through the 2008 season: 1) Gerald Riggs - 6,631 career rushing yards with the Falcons 2) William Andrews - 5,986 3) Warrick Dunn - 5,981

What QB has the most yards rushing in his college career?

Pat White, West Virginia University 4480 rushing yards

How many total rushing yards did tiki barber have?

Tiki Barber ended his career with 10,449 total rushing yards.

How many rushing yards does refrigerator perry have?

5 yards and 8 attempts for 2 TDs.

How many career rushing yard does LaDainian Tomlinson have?

As of the end of the 2009 NFL season, he has 12,490 career rushing yards.

How many rushing yards did Terry Bradshaw have in the NFL?

Terry Bradshaw had 2,257 rushing yards in his 14 year NFL career.

Who has more rushing yards Billy Simms or Earl Campbell?

In college, Earl Campbell finished with 4,444 rushing yards and Billy Sims ended up with 3,813 yards. In the NFL, Earl Campbell had 9,407 rushing yards in an eight season career and Billy Sims had 5,106 yards in a five season career.

How many total rushing yards does Dan Marino have?

Dan Marino is credited with 87 rushing yards and 9 rushing TDs during his career.

How many total yards did Brett Favre have in his career?

Brett Favre had 71,838 total passing yards and 1,844 total rushing yards for his career.