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He has 13 rushing touchdowns through week 15 and broke the record for QB single season rushing tds

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Q: How many rushing touchdowns does cam newton have?
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What Rookie Quarterback has the most rushing touchdowns in a single season in the NFL?

Cam Newton

Which NFL quarterback broke the record for most passing yards by a rookie and most rushing touchdowns by a quarterback in his rookie year?

Cam Newton

Who is better cam newton or Peyton Manning?

Well Cam Newton is better than Peyton Manning because Cam Newton has more rusjing touchdowns than Peyton Manning, Cam Newton is the number 1 NFL best rushing touchdown quarterback for now allthough Peyton is older than Cam Newton Peyton just wants to keep his record as the best quarterback in passing from long distance don't you notice that Peyton dosent like to run he rather throw the ball. Well while that happens we have Cam Newton which he wants to have alot of touchdowns and complete passes. That is why I think That Cam Newton is better he's like the best QB that any team could have but you can't compare him against Eli Manning, or RG3, or Michael Vick. Cam Newton is like my favorite football player

What NFL record do the panthers hold?

the panthers hold a quaterback record Cam Newton is a rookie quaterback who plays for the panthers Cam Newton broke the most quaterback rushing touchdowns He has 13 The old record was 12. From A.K.A/ missouri

Who is the SEC QB with most rushing yards in one season?

cam newton 2010

What college quarterbacks have thrown 6 touchdowns in one game?

Cam newton and Tim tebow

How many touchdowns did cam have this season?

He has 13 Touchdowns this season

Who has the most Rookie quarterback rushing touchdown in the season 2011-2012?

Cam Newton Rookie quaterback of the panthers College Aburn tiger 13 rushung touchdowns the old record 12

Who is better Cam Newton or Sam Bradford?

cam newton he has won more awards

What SEC Quarterback holds the all time SEC record for the most rushing yards?

As of 23 October it's Cam Newton for Auburn.

When was Cam Newton born?

Cam Newton was born on May 11, 1989

Who is better cam newton or terrelle pryor?

cam newton is better

Is cam newton left handed?

Cam Newton is right-handed

What is Cam Newton?

Cam Newton was born on May 11, 1989.

Why did Cam Newton win the Heisman?

Cam Newton got the most votes.

What is Cam Newton's birthday?

Cam Newton was born on May 11, 1989.

What is Cam Newton's birthday?

Cam Newton was born on May 11, 1989.

Who had the Auburn quarterback rushing yard record before Cam Newton?

Jimmy Sidle was the Auburn and SEC Quarterback rushing record holder before Cam Newton. In 1963 he rushed for 1006 yards and led Auburn to a 9-1 record.He was the first QB to lead the nation in rushing. That stood for 38 years until Eric Crouch broke it with Nebraska(13 games when Sidle did it in 10 games).

Is Cam Newton the first freshman to win the Heisman?

Cam Newton is a Jr, not a freshman.

Who faster Michael Vick or cam newton?

Cam Newton. He has a faster 40 time.

What year did Cam Newton enter the NFL?

cam newton came to the nfl in 1991

Is Tim Tebow andrian foster and cam newton on madden 11?

Not Cam Newton

What position does Cam Newton play?

Cam Newton plays Quarterback for the Carolina Panthers.

Who is cam newton do?

Cam Newton is the quarterback of the Carolina Panthers, based in Charlotte, NC.

Is Cam Newton and Morgan Newton brothers?