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Troy Aikman had 9 rushing touchdowns in his career.

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Q: How many rushing touchdowns did Troy Aikman have?
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How many touchdowns did Troy Smith rush for in the 2005 season?

Troy Smith had 11 rushing touchdowns in 2005 for Ohio State.

How many touchdowns did Tom Brady have in 2012?

34 passing touchdowns and 4 rushing touchdowns

How many Touchdowns does Maurice Jones-Drew have?

He has 54 rushing touchdowns and 7 receiving touchdowns

How many touchdowns has LT made?

115 Rushing touchdowns 14 Receiving touchdowns 7 passing touchdowns

How many super bowl rings troy aikman have?

Troy Aikman has 3 Super Bowl rings.

How many rushing touchdowns does cam newton have?

He has 13 rushing touchdowns through week 15 and broke the record for QB single season rushing tds

How many rushing touchdowns does Jake Locker have in his career?

97 Rushing TD's

How many years did troy aikman play football?

Troy Aikman played for the Dallas Cowboys from 1989 to 2000.

How many touch downs did dan marino had.?

420 passing touchdowns and nine rushing touchdowns.

How many concussions did Troy Aikman sustain?


How many times was Troy Aikman sacked?


How many touchdowns has Adrian Peterson scored?

For the last 4 years of pro, he has gotten 52 touchdowns in rushing, and 2 touchdowns by receiving.