How many rules are there in the AFL?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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I am a field umpire for my local league but I do know that there are 113 laws of AFL that are published in the 2009 AFL law book

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Q: How many rules are there in the AFL?
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What is the other name for AFL?

Footy, Aussie rules

Popular Australian sports?

AFL ( Australian Rules Football)

What is another name for AFL Football?

Footy, Aussie rules

When did the kangaroos begin start playing afl?

they started playing Aussie rules in 1869, but started in the VFL/AFL in 1925.

How many rules are there in Australian rules football?

The AFL Laws of the game document is 92 pages long with 3 parts, 22 sections and nearly 100 sub-sections. I'm not sure anyone has counted how many actual 'rules' the converts to.

Why does the 50meter circle in AFL read 150?

150 years of Australian Rules

On what shape field is Australian rules played?

AFL is played on an oval field.

How does Chinese sport differ from Australian sport?

In Australia they have a sport called AFL its like rugby but in AFL you can bounce the ball however they are very strict on the rules. :-)

What sport do they play australia?

Australian Rules Football (AFL), football, rugby, cricket

How many people play AFL?

AFL is the best sport ever.

What ball sport teams do Australia have?

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Which sport is played by the Collingwood Magpies?

AFL, or Australian Football League - Football (Australian Rules)