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Q: How many rugby world cup finals have England been in?
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How many world cup finals have England ever been in?

not even one ..

How many times have the all blacks been in the rugby world cup semi finals?

I believe they have been semi finalists 6 times

Is England better that Australia at rugby?

Australia and England have met in Rugby Union test matches 36 times; Australia have won 21 of these encounters, England have won 14 and there has been one draw. The Wallabies have won the Rugby World cup twice, England has won it once.

How many times have England been in the rugby union world cup final?

England have been in the final 3 times - 1991, 2003 and 2007 Winning it in 2003.

How many times have South Africa won the Rugby World Cup?

The William Webb Ellis Cup has been awarded to South Africa twice, once in 1995 when they defeated New Zealand in the finals 15-12, and in 2007 when they defeated England in the finals 15-6.

Has Georgia ever been in the World Cup?

I do not think Georgia has ever been to any world cup as yet.

How many times have Australia been in the world cup finals?

Australia has never been in the finals.

How many rugby world cup semifinals have England been in?

Four 1991 (2nd) 1995 (4th) 2003 (champion) 2007 (2nd)

Has Australia ever been in the world cup finals?

no they have never ever been in the world cup

Who is the current coach for the England Rugby union team?

The current coach for the England Rugby team is Bernie McDuffin. A 5 star rugby player whose career spiked in 1985. He has been coach for three years.

Which school in England did the founder of rugby attend in 1823?

William Web Ellis is often credited with inventing the sport of Rugby in 1823. He was a pupil at Rugby School in Warwickshire. His name has been immortalised by the William Web Ellis cup, the trophy awarded to the winning Rugby World Cup team.

When did the rugby world cup held in France?

France has not to date been a host of the RWC. It was a shared host with England,Scotland Ireland and Wales in 1991. Where Australia beat England 12- 6