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from 2010.

years 30

games 90

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โˆ™ 2010-07-11 05:33:10
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Q: How many rugby league state of origins have ben played?
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Eonomics on state of origin rugby league?

millions of people watch it

Who has won the most state of origin games in rugby league?

Queensland of couse.

What is New South Wales state of origin rugby league team called?

The Blues

What tournaments are rugby league?

There are: NRL (National Rugby League) AMNRL (Amercian Rugby League) Four nations (Aus, NZ, PNG, England) State of Origin (Queensland and NSW) LEBRL (Lebanese Rugby League) SEARL (South East Asia Rugby League - Samoa, Tonga, Cook islands) EuropeRL (Wales, Italy, France) World Cup (Lebanon, Australia, England, PNG, others havn't been confirmed)

Which rugby league game got the biggest crowd?

State of Origin draws the biggest crowds

What is the State of Origin and who won in 2007?

The State of Origin is a Rugby League competion between New South Wales and Queensland. It is a best of three comp played each year in 2007 Queensland won

What are the dates for rugby league state of origin 2010?

May 26, June 16 & July 7

What are the major events of rugby league in the 1960?

Nation vs Nation, Four Nations, State of Origin.

How did rugby league change from the past?

Rugby League changed from the past in term of technology, money and popularity. Today, we can watch rugby league matches from our phone, and state of origin is viewed in 3D. Money, players are increasingly acheiving money, though publicality and popularity of the game is increasing without Australia and worldwide.

What sport is more popular basketball soccer rugby or tennis?

Football (soccer) ranks top Tennis Basketball Rugby football is a worldwide sport that is played in just about anywhere probably the most favoufrite tennis is also pretty much worldwide but its harder and less enjoyable basketball is mainly american but it is played at schools and state comps around the world rugby (depends about if its union or league) onion is only played in about 1/16 of the world probably less, league is only in australia rugby isnt a very popular or good sport

What is the extra time rules in State of Origin Rugby League?

10 Minutes golden point then a draw is awarded

What are the Dates for rugby league state of origin 2009?

Game 3 is at Suncorp on Wednesday 15th July 2009

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