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in my predictions, i reckon there will be at least 2 million Rugby league supporters in the UK because around 60,000 spectators attend the Carneigie Challenge Cup Final each year and that's only for two teams.

i support hull fc (: x

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Q: How many rugby league fans are there and how many people participate in rugby league both in the UK?
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What Englishmen have been capped at Rugby Union and Rugby League?

Jason Robinson, winger or fullback both in rugby league and rugby union

Does englands rugby team play union or league?

England has national teams for both rugby union and rugby league

What does pd in the league table stand for in rugby?

If your looking at the league tables (both union and rugby league) then it means PLAYED


He's the only rugby league footballer to ever have been inducted into both the Australian Rugby League Hall of Fame as well as the British Rugby League Hall of Fame.

Do Wallabies rugby team play union or league?

The Wallabies are the Australian Rugby Union team. The Australian Rugby League team is called the Kangaroos.

Is there a difference between rugby boots and rugby League Boots?

No they all meet the requirements of both codes.

Do Irish people participate in hunting and gathering?

they participate in both

Is a rugby league field bigger than a rugby union field?

Rugby Union is alot bigger everywhere. The only places they seem to play it is Australia and northern England. Rugby union is a much better sport anyway. Rugby Union is more popular than Rugby League because Rugby Union is much older than League. Rugby Union players get much more than League players and union is played in more places than league. I recon League is much better than union.

Is Rugby League 3 coming to Xbox 360?

Publisher HES has announced Rugby League Live for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the first Rugby League game for both consoles. It'll be released on September 2 in Australia, New Zealand, France and the UK.

Is premiership rugby union or league?

Well it can be either there is a premier league for both but the most popular one is rugby union they more or less have the same teams except reasonably different rules.

Which sports have more than eleven players on each team?

Both Rugby League and Rugby Union, gaelic football, croquet, hurling, ladies football, camogie

What is the name of the Australian Rugby league team?

Original answer is not true.This depends on which 'Rugby' we are talking about - Rugby League or Rugby Union?Rugby League: Brisbane Broncos, they are the most famous and most popular sporting club in Australia, the most supported sporting club in Australia, the most successful over the past 20 years in Rugby League History and also the most known Rugby League club in the world.Rugby Union: Brumbies and QLD Reds, both are the only teams to win the Super Rugby competition from Australia. The Queensland Reds always produce the largest audience for a Rugby match in Australia and are always re-knowned for their flair. The Brumbies are the most successful Super Rugby team in Australia.