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Q: How many rows are in section 109 at arrowhead stadium?
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How many rows are in a section at Arrowhead Stadium?

there are 38 rows in section 121 at arrowhead

How many rows are in section 427 at Yankee Stadium?

14 Rows

Gillette Stadium how many rows in section 309?

any section in 300's has 26 rows

How many rows in section 413 are there at the Dallas Cowboy Football stadium?

There are 30 rows

How many rows of seat in dallas stadium section 411?

At least 30 rows.

How many rows in sec 38 in memorial stadium Lincoln ne?

Section 38 is the North Stadium. In the sections on North and South Stadium, there are 99 rows.

How many rows in section 333 at gillette stadium?


How many rows are in each section at Sam Boyd stadium?

To fricken many

How many rows of seats are in Section 334 of Cowboys Stadium?


How many rows are there in section 102 at Notre Dame stadium?


How many rows are in the new cowboys stadium.... top deck to be exact?

The bottom part of section 400 are rows 1-8. the top part of the 400 section are rows 9-30.

How many rows in section 31 at Gaylord Memorial Stadium Norman Oklahoma?


How many rows are in section 107 at Gillette Stadium?

Row information is as follows: 300 level has 26 rows 200 level has 27 rows 100 level has 38 rows So section 107 has 38 rows.

How many rows are in section 334 of Safeco Field?

Section 334 at Safeco Field has 25 rows. The home stadium of the Seattle Mariners has a total seating capacity of 47,476 for baseball games.

How many rows are there in Giants stadium section 113?

If you are talking about the new Metlife Stadium then I can tell you that the Coaches Club section 113 has 26 rows. The sections on each side (112 & 114) have 25 rows. I actually walked up from the Coaches Club to check out the same question.

How many rows in lower level at Wembley Stadium?

25 rows

How many seats in a row at Kauffman Stadium Lower Level section 123?

Section 123 on the lower level of Kaufman Stadium has 24 rows. It is located near the visiting teams dugout along the third baseline.

How many rows in the lower level at giants stadium?

There are 42 rows. Go to seat data. It shows you the view from your section and gives a seating chart, including # of rows and number of seats per row (at the bottom of the screen).

How many seats per row in Michigan Stadium?

There are 95 rows of bench seating in each section of Michigan Stadium. Each row has a different amount of seats depending on where it is located. The stadium has a seating capacity of 200,000.

Where is level 104 row 30 seat 9 at gillette stadium?

Section 104, row 30, seat 9 at Gillette Stadium is on the east side of the stadium (Patriots side), 4 rows from the top of the section.

How many rows in upper level of Notre Dame stadium?

There are 26 rows in the upper deck of Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend.

How many rows are there in Notre Dame stadium?

several many. :)

Do rows in the dodger stadium have a on top or a on the bottom?

The rows start with A at the bottom of each Section. So A is better than Z because you're closer to the field.

How many rows are there in the Olympic Stadium in London?


How many rows of seats are in Michigan Stadium?