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Q: How many rounds of playoffs are there in high school football?
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Does NCAA football 09 have high school state playoffs for ps2?

No NCAA Football 09 does not have high school state playoffs for the PS2. NCAA Football 09 was released on July 15, 2008.

Do JV High School Football teams have playoffs?


What is a sentence for elimination?

Our high school football team faces elimination from the state playoffs if they lose the game tonight.

In a state high school football playoff game an offensive coach is ejected from the game can the former coach that coaches at a differen t school come out of the stands to help coach the offense?

Yes, he can as long as his team isn't also in the playoffs. High school football is pretty open anyways almost anyone can be on the sidelines helping out.

Is a high school football bigger than a collage football?

No...a high school football is smaller than a college football

Was Jamie Foxx in high school playing football or college?

he play football when he was in high school

Where did Philip Rivers play high School football?

he played high school football at Athens high school in Athens Alabama where his father Steve was the coach

How many high school football teams are there in the US?

How many high school football teams are there in 38126?

Does NCAA football 11 for the PS2 have you start in the High school State Playoffs in the road to glory mode or is it like last year where you just start out in college?

no, it is weird they wont let u play in high school on ps2 in any games sorry!

Are black visors legal in high school football?

No. No tinting is allowed in high school football or college football i beleive. Only 100% clear is allowed in high school.

How many games does High school lacrosse play?

for my high school in Pennsylvania we play 18 games + playoffs.

High school football size vs. NFL football size?

college football size vs. high school football size

Does high school football play quarters or periods?

In high school football they are classified as quarters.

The best high school football team?

the Swainsboro Tigers from Swainsboro, GA. They are 10-0 and they play Brooks County in the first round of the playoffs GO TIGERS

Is a college football bigger than a high school football?

yes they are bigger than high school.

Are head slaps allowed in high school football?

Slaps to the head are not allowed in high school football.

Which high school had the most football players play Division 1 football?

Barrington high school

What size footballl is used in high school football?

hat size football is used in high school

How many kids play high school football in the US?

For the 2012-2013 school year 1,088,158 high school athletes played football. Football is the top ranked participation high school sport in the United States.

Who is the best team in football?

for high school it is Trinity High School in Euless TX, but for NFL football it is the steelers

Who are the top 100 winningest high school football programs?

top 100 high school football programs

What is the length of a high school football game time out?

The length of a high school football time-out is about 60 seconds.

How long is a quarter in high school football?

Quarters in a high school football game are 12 minutes in length.

What kind of degree do you need to be a high school football coach?

What kind of degree do you need to be a high school football coach?

How old do you have to be to play varsity high school football?

You have to be in high school. It depends on your football skill and that your coach knows you have the skills.