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how many rooms in steven gerrards house

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Q: How many rooms does Steven Gerrard have?
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What is Steven gerrard's surname?

Steven Gerrard surname is Gerrard.

How many steven Gerrard children?

Steven Gerrard has 2 daughters - Lilly Ella and Lexie

What is the birth name of Steven Gerrard?

Steven Gerrard's birth name is Steven George Gerrard.

Is steven Gerrard a Muslim?

No Steven Gerrard is not a muslim.

What religon is Steven Gerrard?

Steven Gerrard is a Christian.

How many brothers that also play Football does Steven Gerrard have?

Steven Gerrard has a brother named Paul Gerrard (not to be confused with Everton goalkeeper Paul Gerrard) is not a professional footballer. Steven Gerrard has a cousin who plays for Huddersfield Town.

What is Steven Gerrard's full name?

Steven Gerrard's (a Liverpool midfielder) full name is Steven George Gerrard

How many appearances has steven Gerrard got for Liverpool?

Steven Gerrard has made 483 appearances for Liverpool FC

How many chilldren did Steven Gerrard have?


How many caps has Steven Gerrard had?


How many injuries has Steven Gerrard had?

He has had about 30

How many wifes does steven Gerrard have?


How many bookings have steven Gerrard had?


Who is Steven Gerrard's girlfriend?

Steven Gerrard Married Alex Curran

Does steven Gerrard have email?

i have found out that he replied to:

What colour hair does steven Gerrard have?

steven Gerrard has brown hair

Does steven Gerrard have a girlfriend?

Steven Gerrard is married to Alex Curran

When was Steven Gerrard born?

Steven Gerrard was born on May 30, 1980.

What color eyes does steven Gerrard have?

Steven Gerrard has dark brown eyes

How long does Steven Gerrard train for?

Steven Gerrard trains for 76hrs a day.

What is Steven Gerrard's birthday?

Steven Gerrard was born on May 30, 1980.

Who is steven Gerrard uncle?

Steven Gerrard's uncle is called Les Byrne

How many trophies has steven Gerrard won?


How many awards has Steven Gerrard won?


How many red card has Steven Gerrard had?