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How many rolls of toilet paper would it take to fill a basketball court?

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Q: How many rolls of toilet paper would take to fill a basketball court?
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Are you supposed to recycle toilet paper rolls?

You are supposed to recycle toilet paper rolls.

Justification for toilet rolls?

The justification for toilet rolls is to make toilet paper much easier to store and access. It is far more efficient than stacking many sheets of toilet paper on each other.

How many rolls of toilet paper in a case?


How many rolls of toilet paper is used in a day?


How many rolls of toilet paper will a coupon be for?

It appears that most of the coupons out there currently apply to Charmin toilet paper brand. Their coupons are for 8 or more rolls per package.

Do you recycle toilet paper rolls?

You can recycle the cardboard roll from the toilet paper just as you can recycle the cardboard rolls of paper towels, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, etc., as long as the roll is cardboard.

How many rolls of toilet paper would an acre of hemp produce?


How do you make a conveyer belt?

toilet paper rolls, toothpics, and salami.

How many rolls of toilet paper can one tree make?


Who is most noted for making the best selling toilet paper?

I know I to am choosy on my toilet paper. Scott's Paper Company is one of the best when it comes to quality toilet paper. They make double rolls, 1000 sheets per rolls and many others and all their products are very affordable.

What do mice play with?

They usually like to play with tubs or toilet paper rolls.

How do you shorten your hamsters long teeth?

You give them toilet paper rolls to chew on.

Did Jennifer have to get her butt done when she did the Selena movie?

no... she used rolls of toilet paper

Why does the Pentagon use up 666 rolls of each day?

Toilet Paper.

Are used up toilet paper rolls ok for hamsters to chew on?


What range of paper products uses recycled paper in its toilet rolls?

The amount of recycled paper in toilet paper rolls vary any where from 60 percent to 100 percent depending upon which brand you purchse. Choosing recycled paper products is a smart decision and helps the environment.

Should gerbils eat toilet paper rolls?

Gerbils will not eat toilet paper tubes, but they will - and can - chew them up. It is entertaining for the gerbils, and their teeth benefit somewhat.

What is a miniature roll of Scott toilet paper for?

It is obvious, the miniture rolls are made for traveling

How many of rolls of toilet paper can one tree make?

remember to wipe good.

How many rolls of toilet paper does the average American family use is a year?


How many rolls of toilet paper do people use per day?


How many trees would it take to make 4000 rolls of toilet paper?

About 384 trees. This is how many trees are used to make the toilet paper rolls that one American uses within his or her lifetime. Here is the math: "It takes 48 full grown trees to make roughly 500 rolls of toilet paper. So using that number it takes about 1/10th of an adult grown paper tree to produce 10 rolls of toilet paper. Every American in the United States, roughly 300+ million, uses at the very least 49 rolls of toilet paper a year. That is 5 trees a person." (from

How many tree does it take to make 12 rolls of toilet paper?

Less than one.

Is there a green way to dispose of toilet paper rolls?

It's cardboard. Throw it in the recycle bin.

How man different types of rolls are there?

1. Honor rolls 2. Merit rolls 3. Toilet paper rolls 4. Tootsie rolls 5. Cinnamon rolls 6. Bread rolls 7. Drum rolls 8. Barrel rolls 9. Rock and rolls