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Q: How many road course wins did Dale Earnhardt have?
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How many road course wins did Dale Earnhardt Sr. have?

Dale Sr. won one race on a road course. It was on May 7, 1995 at Sears Point Raceway (now known as Sonoma Raceway).

Did Dale Earnhardt Sr. win a Nascar road course race?

Yes. Dale Sr. won his only Nascar road course race on May 7, 1995 at Sears Point Raceway. The track is now known as Infineon Raceway.

What road does Dale Earnhardt Jr. live on?

Johns Pond Lane Mooresville North Carolina

How many miles long is the Road America track?

Road America's road course track is 4.048 miles and its Karting road course is 0.8 miles long.

Who was George Jones Road Manager?

Dale Schultz

Where is the Wood Dale Public Library District in Wood Dale located?

The address of the Wood Dale Public Library District is: 520 North Wood Dale Road, Wood Dale, 60191 1536

What was Dale Earnhardt first race car?

Dale First car was a 1956 Ford Victoria Which was painted PINK . They originally had a apricot metalflake roof and they tried matching the roof color on the car and painted the whole car ~ The color came out pink and they didn't have enough $$ to repaint it so it was left Pink ~ I actually have the 1/24 scale diecast collectible of the car Dale Earnhardt's K-2 1956 Ford Victoria in 10 condition and was wondering the value of the vehicle and how many were produced ?? Please reply back to me at Thank You , Kevin LeHane 276 Hale Hill road Swanzey NH 03446

If there arent that many cars on the road than will there be less crashes?

yes of course

What happened to Dale Earnhardt Jr. in the 2010 Food City 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway?

Dale Earnhardt Jr. started the race in 18th. After staying between 15th to 20th for the first half of the race, Junior made his way all the way up to 5th place. He then was penalized for speeding on pit road, which put him back into the 26th position. After a few cautions and tire changes, Junior ended up with a 7th place finish. The finish moved him from 13th to 8th in the points standings.

How long is the Atlanta road course?

The Atlanta road course is 2.54 miles. The Atlanta Road Course hosts events like auto races, motorcycle races and lets driving schools use it. The Atlanta Road Course was opened in 1970.

What actors and actresses appeared in Diamond Road - 2007?

The cast of Diamond Road - 2007 includes: Jennifer Dale as Narrator

Has Michael Waltrip won at a road course?

No. Michael Waltrip has never won a Nascar event at a road course.

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