How many rings have the 49' ers won?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Q: How many rings have the 49' ers won?
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Most Super Bowls won NFC or AFC?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have won 6 in the AFC. The San Francisco 49'ers have won 5 in the NFC.

Who won the most super bowl mvp awards with three touchdowns in a game?

49'ers quarterback Joe Montana

How many times did 49 ers go to Super Bowl?


Is there a sports team called the 69'ers?

There are currently none. Similar ones are the San Francisco 49'ers and the Philadelphia 76'ers.

What is Joe Montana's win-loss record With the 49'ers and with the Kansas City Chiefs?

Joe Montana started 139 games with the San Francisco 49'ers and 25 games with the Kansas City Chiefs. His record with the 49'ers was 100-39 and his record with the Chiefs was 17-8.

Who did the chargers played in the super bowl 1994?

The 49'ers

Has terell Owens ever played for the broncos?

No. 49'ers and Cowboys.

What year the last time 49 ers win Super Bowls?


What are the most NFL points scored in a Super Bowl?

Super Bowl XXIX; 49'ers: 49 / Chargers: 26

What football team is the square of a prime number?

Presumably you are talking about the San Francsico 49'ers - 49 is equal to seven squared.

What was the name given to people who went west for gold?

there name was most likely the 49 ers

How many times have the Bengals appeared in the Super Bowl?

The Bengals have played in two Super Bowls. The first was Super Bowl XVI (16) and they were defeated by the San Francisco 49'ers 26-21. Their second appearance was Super Bowl XXIII (23) again facing the 49'ers. They were again defeated with the score being 20-16.