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Bill Russell won 11 NBA titles as a player and coach for the Boston Celtics from 1957 to 1969.

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Q: How many rings does bill Russel have?
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Related questions

Who has the most rings in basketball?

Bill Russel with 11 rings

How many championship rings does bill Russel have?

Bill Russell Has 11 Rings with Boston Celtics, in his 13-year playing career.

Who has the most championship rings in NBA?

Bill Russel 11

What player from bostoN celtics has most rings?

Bill Russel with eleven championship rings.

What individual players have the most rings in their sport?

Bill Russel w/ 11 NBA rings

What person has the most NBA finals rings?

Bill Russel with 11

What player in the NBA won 11 champions rings?

Bill Russel

How many nba rings does bill Russel have?

Bill Russell won 11 championships... 1957, 1959-66, 1968, & 1969

How many NBA championship rings does bill Russel have?

11 the most in history of the nba in 13 seasons all with the Boston celtics

Who has more than 6 nba championship rings?

Bill Russel, Bob Cousy, and Red Auerbach

What NBA player has played in the most NBA championship?

bill Russel he has won eleven rings from 1957-69

Who has the highest rebound average in the nba?

Bill Russel Bill Russel

Who has the most rings in the NBA?

Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher currently, but all time Nba its Bill Russel With 11

Who is better Michael Jordan or bill Russel?

Michael Because Has Better Stats,Better Team,And More Championship Rings

How many championships did bill Russel win as a coach?


How many championships does bill Russel have?

he won 11 NBA champions

How many nba rings do bill Russell?

Well, Bill has eleven championship rings and also Bill has five final mvp rings.

Who has the most rings in nba history?

Phil Jackson has 13. 2 as a player and 11 as a coach. Bill Russel has 11 just as player

How many total rings does bill Russell have?

11 rings

How many rings does Bill Russell have?

Bill Russell has 11 Championships rings and 5 finals mvp

Does Bill Russell have any pets?

Bill Russel is 75

How many rings does bill Walton have?


What was Wilt Chamberlain challenged by?

Bill Russel

How many championship rings does bill Russell have?


How many rings do bill Russell have with the celtics?


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