How many rings does Brett Favre have?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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1, he has played in 2 super bowls but has only won once.

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Q: How many rings does Brett Favre have?
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How many super bowl rings does Brett Favre?


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How many career interceptions did Brett Favre throw?

Brett Favre threw 336 career interceptions.

How many concussions has Brett Favre had?

Brett Favre has had a total of 6 tackles in his career. =)

Why is Brett favre so awesome?

brett favre is awesome because brett favre is awesome

What is the birth name of Brett Favre?

Brett Favre's birth name is Favre, Brett Lorenzo.

Who is betterjake plummer or Brett favre?

Brett Favre

How many teams has Brett Favre lost to?

31, the only team that Brett Favre has not lost to is the Kansas City Chiefs.

How many NFL quarterbacks are older than Brett Favre?

None. Brett Favre is the oldest active quarterback at this time.

Is Brett Favre white?

Yes, Brett Favre is white.

What is Brett Favre's full name?

Brett Lorenzo Favre

What is Brett Favre's middle name?

Brett Favre's middle name is LorenzoHis birth name is Brett Lorenzo Favre.