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There are 169 riders as of July 27th., with 29 having withdrawn since the start.

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Q: How many riders are competing in the Tour de France 2015?
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How many riders are there in le tour de France 2009?

There were 199 riders starting the 2009 tour.

Who races the tour de france?

Professional riders

What kind of riders are there in the Tour De France?

all types

What countries are competing in the 2009 tour de france?

The TdF is raced by professional teams, consisting of riders of several different nationalities. It's not really about country vs country.

Are there any independant riders in the 2008 tour de france?

No. You have to be a part of a team to be allowed to race in the Tour de France

How many stages in the 2015 Tour de France?

There are always 21 stages in the Tour de France.

What gear do the riders in the tour de france use?

Riders participating in the Tour de France use bicycles. They also wear helmets, cycling shoes, and clothing in their team colors.

Tour de france the australian competitors are?

There are 29 Australian riders

Are there any women riders in the Tour de France?

not in the men's tour. There is a women's Tour de France, called the Grande Boucle F�minine Internationale.

Why are there teams in the tour de France?

Simply because a group of riders can do better than riders competing on their own, which turns most longer races into team events. If you want bicycle races that are run individually, look for time trial events.

What are the ages of the riders in the 2009 tour de France?

The riders ages range from 21 to 38 years old.

What is the most interesting fact about the tour de France?

the most interesting fact about the tour de France is that all the riders except Australia are gay

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