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Q: How many revolutions is a double axle in figure skating?
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How do you do a triple axle in figure skating?

You get a coach, train, and keep practicing.

Can you land an axle in figure skating?

Yes! only if you're good enough! Takes lots of practice

Is Asada Mao the only figure skater that can do the triple axle?

No. The triple axle is fairly common. I believe you are thinking of the quad. axle, (four turns). Actually, the triple axle is not common in woman's figure skating. The triple axle is 3.5 turns, and is the most difficult single jump for woman's. Quads are challanged by men's, though female skaters such as Ando Miki have challanged it in the past.

What are all the figure skating moves?

There are many figure skating moves, here are some examples: -Figure Eight -Stroking -Axle -Crossover -Lutz -Sit Spin -Combination Spin -Death Spiral -Throw Jump -Attitude -Attitude Spin -Lay Back Spin -Forward Swizzle -Snowplow

When was Double Axle created?

Double Axle was created in 1991.

When did Double Axle happen?

Double Axle happened in 1991.

How many rotations are there in an axle jump?

there are 1 and a half rotations in a single axle, 2 and a half in a double axle, 3 and a half in a triple axle, and so on.

A double inclined plane that moves?

Wheel and axle

Will an double wheel axle for a ldv convoy van fit an ldv convoy tipper?

Yes Double Axle Will Fit.. Take more weight on your tipper

What is the weight of a transit van?

if its a double axle at the back it is a 7.5 tonne and if a single axle at back its a 3.5 tonne

How can you get the figure skating axle?

Well generally you have to be a freestyle 3 figure skater in order to be able to do this jump... but after learning the waltz jump and salchow, you should know how to dig in your toepick to jump. To wind up, you are basically just skating(backwards) with your good leg extended behind you, and dig it in and turn counter-clockwise while bringing your arms in towards you leaving the ice with your legs together like in a scratch spin. Land with your bad leg extended behind you...

Are single axle cars faster than double axle cars?

there is no such thing as a single axel car, it would be a unicycle

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