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Michael Vick did 167 reps

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Q: How many reps did Michael Vick do at the combine?
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How many Bench Press Reps did Adrian Peterson have in the Combine?

He didn't do it at the combine.

How many bench press reps did Tom Brady do in his combine?

Not many. The combine has the player bench 225 pounds for reps, it's been said that Brady can't bench 300 pounds, which means that he would not have performed many reps with 225lbs.

How many reps did Orlando pace get of 225 at the nfl combine?


What was the most reps of 225 at last years combine?

39 reps

What is Michael Vick's 40 time as of now?

4.53 watch him he should get some reps tonight. He still has that burst & is still really talented. Enjoy!

How many bench presses did Haloti Ngata do in the NFL combine?

37 reps

How many bench press reps did Maurice Jones drew do in his combine?


How many bench press reps did Jared Allen do in his combine?

13 times

How many times did vince young bench 225 at NFL combine?

36 reps

How many bench press reps did Tom Brady do?

Brady didn't do the bench press at the NFL combine

What is the lowest number of bench press reps at 225 for the combine?


What is the least bench press reps of an NFL player at the scouting combine?


What is the average bench press reps of 225 lbs at the NFL combine?


How many reps are in the house of reps?


Who has the least amount of bench reps ever at the combine?

the answer to that is 0- was done by a punter in 2001

Percy Harvin Bench Press?

At the NFL combine he did 19 reps of 225 pounds.

Fewest bench press reps ever at NFL combine?

Fred Smoot - 1

How many times can warren sapp bench press 225?

At the NFL Combine, Warren Sapp completed 17 reps of 225 pounds.

How many reps are there in congress?

there are 435 reps in congress.

How many reps does the house of reps have?

435 rep.

Who has the most reps in the NFL combine?

Marvin harrison with 50 on the 225 lb bench press

How many reps does Hawaii have?

i believe that Hawaii has 2 "reps"

What is the record number of bench press reps in the combine?

they lifted your mom so bout 600 pounds

How many seats in the house of reps?

there are 435 seats in the house of reps.

How many reps are there?