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One and a little bit

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Q: How many regulation basketballs can fit through a basketball hoop at one time?
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Height of regulation basketball hoop?

The regulation height for a basketball hoop is 10ft

The height of a regulation hoop basketball is?

The height of a regulation hoop is 10 ft.

Can two men's basketballs fit through the rim at the same time?

no, two mens basketballs cannot fit throug the hoop at once. two girls regulation basketballs, however, can fit through the rim at the same time

Will 2 basketballs go through a regular hoop?

2 regular basketballs side by side will not go through a hoop. One on top of the other they will. If you get "play size" basketballs you could get them though side by side.

How tall is regulation basketball hoop?

10 feet

What is the height of a college basketball hoop?

To be regulation, a basketball hoop must be ten feet from the floor. hope this helped =)

Can two basketballs fit through a hoop?

No... that would be too easy if two basketballs could fit in one hoop!! :P If the basketballs are (alot!) smaller than normal then yes!!

Can two basketballs fit through the hoop at the same time?


What is the diameter of the basketball hoop?

According to the regulation hoop diameter is 18 inches (inside the rim). Other sizes are available for practice or games other than regulation basketball. Use a search engine to find "basketball" +"hoop diameter".

What are the baskets?

Baskets are the hoop in basketball. They are meant to be there to throw basketballs into. That is the only way to score a point.

What is the regulation height of a junior basketball hoop?

10 feet

How much does a basketball hoop have to overhang the court by?

On a regulation basketball court, the hoop is 10 feet from the ground. There is no official amount for a hoop's overhang over the court.

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