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Q: How many refugees are there in the world 2010?
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How many refugees are there in the world?

There are about 43.3 million refugees in the world.

Are all refugees Asian?

No. Refugees can come from many parts of the world.

How many refugees are in America?

35 million refugees are in the world today

How many refugees in Britain in World War 1?


Did Sweden accept afghan refugees in 2010?

Sweden accept afghan refugees in 2011

How many refugees are from Somalia?

there are 2500.2000.20 in Somalia refgees from the civil war in somali we have a Trouble maney year's we fight sub clanes the refugees is over world

How many refugees are there in this world?

hundreds of millions, perhaps more. far too many, either way.

How many pages does The Refugees have?

The Refugees has 366 pages.

Where do the most refugees come from in the world?

The Middle East and Africa,and America is the courtry who arranges for the most refugees for all the world.

Is Pakistan has many refugees then Afghanistan?

Afghanistan is has less refugees

Who has the most refugees in the world?


Do refugees come from Europe?

Refugees can come from any part of the world, so there have been some refugees from European countries at different times.