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there are no referees on a Baseball field. in MLB regular season games, there are 4 umpires (one for each base). in playoff games, there are 6 (one for each base and one on each foul line in the outfield).

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Q: How many referees in baseball?
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How many referees are in a baseball game?

There are four referees in a baseball game.

How many referees are needed in a baseball game?

Referees are not used in baseball games. This sport uses umpires. They are generally four umpires, one for each base, used in the game.

How many referees are there in badminton?

2 referees

How many NBA referees are there?

there are three referees in the NBA.

How many referees in college football?

There are 7 referees in a game.

How many referees in the handball game?

i think there are four referees.

How many soccer referees on field at once?

3 referees are in soccer and football

How many referees are in a NHL game?

There are 2 referees and 2 linesman in an NHL game.

How many referees required for a rugby match?

as a minium 1 referee and 2 assistant referees.

How many referees are in karate?

In a tournament, there are five referees. There are four flag referees and one main referee. The flag referees raise the flag with the color of the opponent scoring a point. The final decision is made by the main referee.

How many referees are there in a basketball match?

there is usually 3 referees in highschool and college im not sure about the nba

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How many british referees will be at the world cup finals?

No British referees were selcted for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

How many referees in football match?

Four. One in the center, two assistant referees, and one fourth official.

What are the umps?

Umps is short for umpires and they are pretty much the referees in a baseball game.

How many officials in basketball?

There are generally 3 officials in a game. In the women's game, the referees are generally females (with a mix of males). In the men's game, there are generally male referees with a few female referees.

How many referees are needed for a volleyball game?

It matters if it's professional. If not, there can be a few as 1. If professional, there are 2-3 referees.

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