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Q: How many red shanked douc langer are lefy in the world?
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Tell me about a time when you dealt with a difficult customer Describe what you did to ensure they lefy satisfied?

Tell me about a time when you dealt with a difficult customer Describe what you did to ensure they lefy satisfied ?

What is a winding ridge lefy by a melting glacier?

medial moraine

Why do Muslim men shake hands?

they shake with their lefy hands and they kiss their cheeks

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No, Both Isaac and Taylor are Right handed. Zac Hanson is the only lefty of the group.

How do you make sure you saved the future in poptropica?

You go back to the future and go right and go up and lefy and up and up and click the guy and he says" Going up"? and you go left and go in and u see yourself but older and click the oldewr you and there your done

Did ash from Pokemon get upset when may lefy?

No, Ash did not show feelings of being upset once May announced that she wanted to leave in order to travel in the Johto region in order to compete in the Pokémon Contests that were held in the Johto region. Ash likely felt some disappointment but he was likely feeling proud for May's decision to decide to travel all by herself in the Johto region in order to compete in the Pokémon Contests there.

What habitat do caterpillar live in?

in places where people won't see them.

How many people that played for the Yankees are in the hall of fame?

There are really two list - all in the Hall that played for the Yankees and those that the Yankees was there primary team.Players In the HOF that played on the YankeesFrank Baker - 1955Yogi Berra - 1972Wade Boggs - 2005Frank Chance - 1946Jack Chesbro - 1946Earle Combs - 1970Stan Coveleski - 1969Bill Dickey - 1954Joe DiMaggio - 1955Whitey Ford - 1974Lou Gehrig - 1939Lefy Gomez - 1972Joe Gordon - 2009Rich Gossage - 2008Burleigh Grimes - 1964Bucky Harris - 1975Rickey Henderson - 2009Waite Hoyt - 1969Catfish Hunter - 1987Reggie Jackson - 1993Willie Keller - 1939Tony Lazzeri - 1991Bob Lemon - 1976Mickey Mantle - 1974Johnny Mize - 1981Phil Niekro - 1997Herb Pennock - 1948Gaylord Perry - 1991Phil Rizzuto - 1994Red Ruffing - 1967Babe Ruth - 1936Joe Sewell - 1977Enos Slaughter - 1985Dazzy Vance - 1955Paul Waner - 1952Dave Winfield - 2001Players who's primary team was the Yankees:1. Babe Ruth - 19362. Lou Gehrig - 19393. "Wee" Willie Keller - 19394. Jack Chesbro - 19465. Herb Pennock - 19486. Bill Dickey - 19547. Joe DiMaggio - 19558. Red Ruffing - 19679. Waite Hoyt - 196910. Earl Combs - 197011. Yogi Berra - 197212. Lefy Gomez - 197213. Whitey Ford - 197414. Mickey Mantle - 197415. Tony Lazzari - 199116. Phil Rizzuto - 199417. Rich "Goose" Gossage - 200818. Joe Gordon - 2009

On Ellen whitaker the horse mystery how do you get in to places with a question mark on them?

Well For Anyone who is stuck here is a Walkthrough of the game! I just finished the game, having bought it like 6 months ago! First you pick your own horse and then you set to training it to its best possible standards. Its rather hard as Alice Just keeps pipping you to the top. They should preferably be the best they can be before you embark on the rest of the adventure. Have a look around and talk to everyone in town and Marcus. Once you have increased the skills to the best they can be then you need to go to your bedroom, after Amanda (your player) has said she is a little tired. Next to your bed there is a little circle with an image of Amanda sleeping. Press the spacebar and you will enter her dream. Once Amanda is asleep you will be in the forest on Sapphire and you have to ride him through your dream following the light and jumping the jumps. Be very careful you don't touch anything or its all over, and you have to start again! It took me about 10 times but then you remember where you have got to go and you can finish the dream. When you have finished the dream you need to head into town and talk to Annie outside the shop, who tells you that Robert used to own your house before you moved in. Go to Roberts house (the one with the fountain and the big house) and talk to him. (You know when people want to talk when the have an exclamation mark above their head). He doesnt say much really, go back to the town and talk to Annie again. Amanda says that if she wins the show jumpi9ng competition then Robert will have to talk, and answer any questions you might have on the house. This is the part where you have to make sure your horses skills are maxed. You can check this bu pressing the S key. Go back to Roberts house and to the right there is a row or trees, follow them along and round the corner and there you will find the jumping competition. Press The space bar to enter. The competition is quite tricky, as you have alot of jumps close together and off funny angles. SO stick with it and down feel daunted if you don't do it in the first 5 times! =] You have to have no fault what so ever and it has to be under 63 seconds to win, its tricky but stick with it! When you have completed and won the competition Robert will tell you to go back to his place, so do that and you will find him and he will tell you about the house and the horses that once lived there. When the conversation has finished there will be some mysterious keys on the floor. Pick these up by pressing the space bar and go back to your house. Go back into the small abandoned shed and then try and open the wardrobe behine the box that you have to move first. The press the space bar when the circle with the picture appears. (The 3rd key works.) and Amanda will find a picture of the stable/barn and see missing trunk. Go back to Roberts house again and try and open the trunk next to the steps to the house on your left. None of the keys work so go back come and collect the Crowbar which is diagonaly infrotn of you on the left and go back to Roberts house. When you open the trunk with the crowbar you will find a piece of evidence, not a nice one at that! =S Take this to the woman in the shop in the town and she takes it to the police. Head back home and talk to your dad who says he built a hammock, the hammock is behind the house and behind the barn, to the left. Click on the image of Amanda sleeping and follow the dream again, making sure you don't touch anything. It took me a few times to complete. It is much easier but still takes soem persistance. Once you have slept in the hammock and completed the trail, your told you have to go and follow the trail to find what the light is leading you to. This is confusing some people! Well The Train it behind the hammock and up as little, in through a tiny gate. Follow the trail, trying to remember where you went. I Think its right, then lefy then right then right again (Over 3 jumps tight together). Then when you have reached the end you will get shown a clip of Marcus and the horses in a Field Together. Then you go and talk to your dad then go to the shops in town, the woman says that the police wont re-open the case, but says that if the horses came back it might cause a huge insurance problem for Robert. You say you are going to go and have a sort through Robert's office. Leave the town and go to Roberts place again. He will be standing in the doorway to the office and he tells you to go away. Go to his car and set of the alarm, a circle will come up next to the car and then press the space bar. Robert will walk towards his car and then go up the stairs into the house and there Amanda will read about the insurance and what happens if the horses are to turn up again. Go back to talk to Robert again and once you are finished talking you will see a clip of Amanda and her dad and Marcus then the horses in the stable, and that's the end of the game. Such a strange but hard game! hehe Faye xx