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He has the single game rushing record in the NFL with 296 yards.

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Q: How many records does Adrian Peterson hold?
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How many touchdown did Adrian Peterson make in 2005?

With Oklahoma University, Adrian Peterson scored a total of 14 TDs in 2005.

How many children does the vikings Adrian Peterson have?


How many TDS does Adrian Peterson have?

22 Touchdowns

How many trophies Adrian Peterson have?

67 to be exact

How many yards did Adrian Peterson have in 2008?

1760 yards

How many football games has Adrian Peterson played?


How many yrs did Adrian Peterson play for OU?

your mom! 23

How many yards has Adrian Peterson rushed for in the NFL?

3373 yards

How many siblings does Adrian Peterson have?

2 sisters and 1 brother

How many yards did Adrian Peterson have in college?

Adrian Peterson ran for 4,057 yards on on 747 attempts for the Sooners. He also scored 41 touchdown's in his 3 season's.

How many Bench Press Reps did Adrian Peterson have in the Combine?

He didn't do it at the combine.

How many children does Adrian Peterson have?

Peterson has a daughter and two sons. One of his sons passed away in October 2013.

How many years did Adrian peterson go to college?

he went to coollege for 4 years

How many nfl touchdowns does Adrian Peterson have?

47 rushing and 2 receiving touchdowns.

How many times did Adrian Peterson bench 225?

He didn't do the bench press at the NFL Combine.

How many career yards does Adrian Peterson have?

Rushing he has 6714 yards. Receiving he has 1295 yards.

How many tattos does Adrian Peterson have?

Yes he has two tattoos one on his right arm and the other on his abs.

How many career touchdowns did Adrian Peterson have in his career?

As of Dec 14th 2009 he has 77 touchdowns from college to the NFL.

How many touchdowns did Adrian Peterson have his freshman year at Oklahoma?

339 att, 1925 yds, 15 TDs

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Currently, she has no world records.

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They set many records on their way.

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How many touchdowns has Adrian Peterson scored?

For the last 4 years of pro, he has gotten 52 touchdowns in rushing, and 2 touchdowns by receiving.