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5, with 11 players total 5 are linemen who are not eligible and the quarterback has to throw. That leaves 5.

The quarterback is also considered an eligible receiver. The correct answer is 6.

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Q: How many receivers are eligible in football?
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Who are eligible receivers in flag football?

All players .

How many possible eligible receivers can there be in any legal offensive football formation?

Six. The only players on the offensive that cannot be eligible receivers are the linemen, the two tackles, two guards, and the center. However, should a pass be deflected by a defensive player the linemen then become eligible receivers and can catch the deflected ball without penalty.

Who are the eligible receivers in flag football?

In a game of flag football, any receiver is eligible to be thrown to after the ball is hiked. Regular football games have more strict rules, but in flag football, you can throw to anyone.

What is the scrimmage line in football?

Its were the ball is placed before each play. If the ball has traveled the line moves. Also only so many eligible Receivers can be on the line.

How many eligible receivers can report to referee in football?

if you have no tight ends, both tackles can request to be eligible, thus only the center and two guards not being eligible. (if you have a tight end, the tackle on his inside would not be eligible to be eligible.) the qb would have to be in shotgun formation as well, as taking a direct snap makes him ineligible. in order to make the necessary 7 on the line of scrimmage, two of the receivers would have to line up on the line. Only 6 players can be eligible receivers. The reason a player must report to a referee is if a player is wearing a number reserved for an ineligible position like a lineman, the official must know he is coming as an eligible receiver.

What positions in football are receivers?


How many players can you have on the offensive line of scrimmage?

At least seven though the more there are the fewer eligible receivers are allowed

How many linebackers and wide receivers are on a football team?

4 wide receivers and 6 linebackersdepending on your coach you can have 2-4 wide recievers

What does the wide receivers do in football?

Catch passes

When is the center not eligible in flag football?

the center is always eligible

Can you have more than 7 on the line in an offensive play?

Yes, but it reduces the number of eligible receivers

Are wide receivers on the line in football?

yes but sometimes off

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