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Only 5 lineman are ineligible, 6 are eligible including the quarterback.

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Q: How many receiver are eligible in the wildcat formation in American football?
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Who are the eligible receivers in flag football?

In a game of flag football, any receiver is eligible to be thrown to after the ball is hiked. Regular football games have more strict rules, but in flag football, you can throw to anyone.

Why does the quarterback have to throw the football to the wide receiver?

He doesn't. He can throw to any eligible receiver, which also includes tight ends and running backs.

How many receivers are eligible in football?

5, with 11 players total 5 are linemen who are not eligible and the quarterback has to throw. That leaves 5. The quarterback is also considered an eligible receiver. The correct answer is 6.

Is a 5 wide receiver formation in football legal?

Yes. As long as there are at least 7 players on the line of scrimmage, any formation is legal.

Can a quarterback go for a pass after handing the ball off to a running back or wide receiver?

In the NFL, that depends on whether the quarterback took the snap from directly behind the center or whether he was in the shotgun formation. NFL rules state that eligible receivers are the two players on either side of the line of scrimmage and "players at least one yard behind the line at the snap. A T-formation quarterback is not eligible to receive a forward pass during a play from scrimmage". Therefore, if the quarterback takes the snap from directly behind the center he is not an eligible receiver. If the quarterback takes the snap in the shotgun formation he is an eligible receiver.

Can the quarterback be an eligible receiver?


Who is Joe Horne?

Joe Horne is a retired American football wide receiver

If you're a wideout what sport and position are you playing?

You are a receiver playing American football.

What football words start with 'I'?

· I formation · icing the kicker · illegal formation · illegal procedure · incomplete pass · ineligible receiver · instant replay · intentional grounding · interception

Is face guarding in NCAA Football a penalty?

In NCAA there is no faceguarding rule. Pass interference only takes place if contact is made with the eligible receiver.

Who is the American Football League's all time leading receiver?

Lionel Taylor of the Broncos and Oilers holds the American Football League's record for career pass receptions with 567.

What is a receiver in Madden 2011?

a receiver is a person that catches the football

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