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over 14 races

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Q: How many races has chad reed won?
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Who won the race in las vagus in 2011 dirt bike races?

chad reed, but Ryan villopoto won the title

How many mainevent races has James Stewart won?

James Stewart has won 7 mainevents which is amazing and in all those 7 races Chad Reed has come in second. But when Stewart went for 8 he crashed twice and came in second to Reed.

How many championships has Chad Reed won?

2 times

Who won the ama supercross of 08?

08 AMA Supercross champion was Chad Reed

How many races has the lamborghini won?

Lamborghini did won races but did not have titles

How many races have Melissa Owens won?

Melissa has won four jouner races

How many races did Tomas Schecter win?


How many iditarod races has paul gebhardt won?

17 races

Who won the most Nascar races and how many did he win?

Richard Petty won 200 races in his career.

Who won supercross this year?

No one yet. they are a little over halfway done. CHAD REED is in first place though!

How many races in 2011 has Sebastian Vettel won?

He won 11 different races in 2011. He has now won 22 in his career.

How many races has pharlap won?


How many races has Craig Lowndes won?

Craig Lowndes has won 77 V8 Supercar races in his career.

How many races has Lance Armstrong won all together?

23 races

How many races did secretariat go to?

He went to 21 races and won 19 of them.

What do racehorse statistics mean?

It is how many races they've won, or placed in. Also How many races they've been in and how much money they have won.

How many races has colin mcrae won?

Won 24 Rallies.

How many Nascar Cup Series races has Dale Earnhardt Jr. won in his career?

He has won 21 Cup races.

How many Nascar races has Michael Waltrip won?

Michael has won four races, two of them Daytona 500's.

How many formula one races did aryton senna won?

He won 41 races, and was champion in 1988, 1990 and 1991

Who is Chad Reed?

Chad Reed is an Australian motocross racer. He is has won two 250cc championships and has won two 450cc championships. His number is 22. He is married and has one kid. He is the considered the best Australian motocross racer up to date. He has beat James Stewart twice for the 2008 and 2009 450cc supercross championships.

How many races did Ricky Rudd win in Nascar?

Ricky won 23 Races.

How many races did seabiscuit win?

Seabiscuit won 33 races in 89 starts.

How many races did Apolo Ohno win in his life?

He won 100 races in his life!

How many races did Carl Edwards win in 2009?

He won 0 races in 2009.