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he has lost none

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Q: How many races has bolt been in?
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Why do people respect Usain Bolt?

Many people respect usain bolt because he has won all the races he has done

How many races has Gary Paulsen been in?

2 dog races.

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there has been 1

Did Usain Bolt lose any races?


What percentage of races has Usain Bolt won?


How many Olypic gold medals has Usain Bolt won?

Usain Bolt has thirteen gold medals out eighteen races.

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What do racehorse statistics mean?

It is how many races they've won, or placed in. Also How many races they've been in and how much money they have won.

Who holds the world record in the 100 meter races?

usain bolt

How many Indy 500 races have been rained out?

There have been numerous Indy 500 races which have suffered from rain delays but only three races, (1915, 1986, 1997), have been completely postponed throughout the Indy 500's history.

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