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Q: How many races did the secretariat win after the triple crown?
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What races did secretariat win?

The tripple crown races: belmont, kuntuky derby, perness, and many more.

When did racehorse secretariat die?

Racehorse Secretariat was born March 30,1970 and died October 4,1989. Secretariat was one of many racehorses to win the Triple Crown.

How many women jockeys won triple crown races?


What was the stud fees to breed to secretariat?

the stud fees to secretariat was $190,000 and many people said that it was like he had already won the Triple Crown

Triple Crown winners how many are there?

There were 11 Triple Crown winners and the most famous was Secretariat in 1973. The first Triple Crown winner was Sir Barton in 1919. If you're into horse racing, you should check out a really cool racing game called horseracegame. The reason why I mention this game is because you can actually jockey and fictitiously bet all the Triple Crown winners throughout history. You can even build races combining the Triple Crown horses. My favorite Triple Crown winner was Secretariat. Gee, that's no secret! But I also think Citation who won the Triple Crown in 1948 was a great horse, also. I tried that video game you were talking about and it's been a blast racing the Triple Crown winners.

How many races did Secretariat win?

Secretariat won 16 races. He finished in the money in 20 of his 21 races.

How many horses have won the triple crown since secretariat?

Seattle Slew (1977), Affirmed (1978).

How many lengths did Secretariat win the Triple Crown Race by?

31 astounding lengths winning to their enemy Shamm.

How many triple-crown winners are foals of Secretariat?

None. As probably the greatest racehorse of all time, Secretariat produced no Triple Crown winners himself. Some of his offspring did well on the track, but Big Red was more a producer of exceptional fillies that grew up to be broodmares that produced many winners.

How many races did secretariat win in his lifetime?

19/20 Races!

How many races did secretariat go to?

He went to 21 races and won 19 of them.

How many races did secretariat race in?

He ran in 21 races, winning 16.

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