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He raced 89 times, won 33..So he lost 56.

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Q: How many races did Seabiscuit lose?
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How many races did seabiscuit win?

Seabiscuit won 33 races in 89 starts.

How many races did seabiscuit win owned by Charles howard?

seabiscuit won 33 races's out of the 89 he was entered in.

How many races did seabiscuit win in his career?

Out of 89 races Seabiscuit won 33 (overall record 33 wins - 15 places - 13 shows)

How many races did Seabiscuit compete in?

Seabiscuit had 89 starts, 33 firsts, 15 seconds, and 13 thirds. Of the 89 starts, 35 were as a 2 year old. Running a 2 year old in that many races is borderline cruelty. The growth plates in a horse's knees are not mature at that age, so it is no wonder the horse was lame when Charles Howard bought him. In his racing career Seabiscuit set 13 track records.

How many races did Seabiscuit start during his 2 year old season?

As a 2 year old, Sebiscuit had 35 starts, which is an unbelievable amount of races for such a young horse.

How may races did Seabiscuit run in?

In his racing career he had 86 starts.

What races did Seabiscuit run in 1939?

Seabiscuit's only race in 1939 was in February at Santa Anita at which point he injured the suspensory ligament in his front leg.

Did seabcuit win the triple crown?

No, Seabiscuit never raced in any of the Triple crown races.

How many foals did Seabiscuit sire?

Seabiscuit sired 108 foals

How many races did Michael Phelps lose in the Athens Olympics?


How did Seabiscuit the horse die?

The official cause of death was heart failure. Some believe his heart was damaged from his rapid acceleration to the finish line in so many races. That's not a fact, just a theory.

How many races did Richard Petty lose?

From 1958 through 1992, Richard Petty started 1,184 races and won 200 times.

How many records did Seabiscuit set?

I believe Seabiscuit set 13 track records in his career.

What is a fact about Seabiscuit?

Seabiscuit is just not a great race horse but also an inspiration on many people in time of the Great Depression era.

What happen when lose a pink slip races in car town?

you lose your car

How many fouls did Seabiscuit shire?


Why is the movie seabiscuit entitled seabiscuit?

In the same way that Ghandi was a movie about Ghandi, Seabiscuit was a Depression-era racehorse named Seabiscuit, which is where the name for the movie came from.

Did Seabiscuit win any triple crown races?

He did not. The first race in the Triple Crown is the Kentucky Derby. The Derby is restricted to three year olds. Seabiscuit was a late bloomer, when he was three he was lame and cranky due to overwork and excessive training. To compete at that level he would have had to be winning consistantly against some very tough competition.

How many races did man o war lose?

Only one, to a horse named "Upset" in the 1919 Sanford Stakes.

How many hands was seabiscuit the horse?

15 hands

What type of horse was Seabiscuit?

Seabiscuit was a Thoroughbred

What was the coat colour of Seabiscuit?

Seabiscuit was a bay.

Who was most famous Secretariat or Seabiscuit?


Where is the museum for Seabiscuit?

The National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame inducted Seabiscuit in 1958. His many achievements and momentos are on display in Saratoga Springs, NY. For Seabiscuit fans on the west coast tours are offered at his home and final resting place in Willits, CA.

Did sea biscuit sire any off springs?

Seabiscuit did sire a small amount of offspring but none of them really made a name for themselves. The best they did was win a few small stakes races.