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Keke Rosberg was active in Formula 1 from 1978 to 1986 and in that time he won five races and one championship (1982) in 114 starts. His last race was the Australian Grand Prix in 1986 which was won by Alain Prost.

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Q: How many races did Keke Rosberg win in his Formula 1 career?
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What is Keke Rosberg's sexual orientation?

Keke Rosberg is straight.

What is the birth name of Keke Rosberg?

Keke Rosberg's birth name is Keijo Erik Rosberg.

When was Keke Rosberg's last race in his Formula 1 career?

Keke Rosberg's last Formula 1 race was on October 26, 1986. It was the Foster's Australian Grand Prix at Adelaide Grand Prix Circuit. He did lead the most laps during the race, but had tire trouble and finished 14th.

Is Keke Rosberg related to Nico Rosberg?

Yes, Keke is Nico's father.

What is Keke Rosberg's birthday?

Keke Rosberg was born on December 6, 1948.

When was Keke Rosberg born?

Keke Rosberg was born on December 6, 1948.

How old is Keke Rosberg?

Keke Rosberg is 62 years old (birthdate: December 6, 1948).

What formula 1 driver became a world champion in 1982 after winning one race?

Keke Rosberg, father of Nico

When was keke rosberg formula one world champion?

Keke Rosberg won the 1982 F1 World Championship with 44 points.Amazingly he took out the championship with one victory, the Swiss GP (equalling Mike Hawthorn, who also won a F1 World Champion in 1958 with one victory).

Who won the Monaco Grand Prix in 1983?

Keke Rosberg Williams-Ford

What actors and actresses appeared in Maailmanmestarit - 1998?

The cast of Maailmanmestarit - 1998 includes: Keke Rosberg as himself

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Nigel Mmansell tried to, but he passed out in the heat prior to the finish line