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QB Super Bowl WinnersI can only think of 4.

Bret Favre John Elway Roger Staubach Johnny Unitas

I believe we should include Drew Bledsoe. He lost as a starter and won as a backup for Tom Brady.

Earl Morrall was with the Colts when they lost to the Jets in SB III and when the Colts beat the Cowboys in SB V.

Bob Griese was the starter with Miami when they lost to the Cowboys in SB VI and when they beat Washington and Minnesota in SBs VII and VIII.

Len Dawson was the starter with Kansas City when they lost to Green Bay in SB I and when they beat Minnesota in SB IV.

Joe Theisman was the starter with Washington when they beat Miami in SB XVII and when they lost to Oakland in SB XVIII.

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Q: How many quarterbacks have won and lost a Super Bowl?
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