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i think Kurt waner led 2 temes to a superbowl

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Q: How many quarterbacks have led 2 teams to Super Bowls?
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How many quarterbacks have won multiple super bowls?


How many Louisiana quarterbacks have won Super Bowls?


How many Louisiana quarterbacks won Super Bowls?


How many quarterbacks have won 3 or more Super Bowls?


How many quarterbacks won 4 Super Bowls?

Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana each won four Super Bowls.

How many Super Bowls have teams won?


How many quarterbacks in 3 or more Super Bowls?

Terry Bradshaw & Jim Kelly

How many quarterbacks have won Super Bowls with more than one team?


How many teams have been in 8 super bowls?


How many quarterbacks have Super Bowl appearances for two teams?

Earl Morrell

How many quarterbacks have won 4 super bowls?

Two. Montana, and Bradshaw each won four.

How many nfl teams have won 3 or more Super Bowls?


How many NFL teams have won 6 Super Bowls?

The Pittsburgh Steelers

How many Super Bowls have NFC teams won all together?


How many super bowls has either of the participating teams ever won?


How many NFL teams have won at least 2 super bowls?


How many times have AFC teams won the Super Bowl?

The Afc teams have won 21 of the 45 Super bowls so far

How many quarterbacks took two different teams to the Super Bowl?

Through Super Bowl XLV, 2 QBs have started for two teams ... 1) Craig Morton - Super Bowl V for the Cowboys and Super Bowl XII for the Broncos. 2) Kurt Warner - Super Bowls XXXIV and XXXVI for the Rams and Super Bowl XLIII for the Cardinals.

How many teams have 5 Super Bowls?

3 teams (49ers, Cowboys, Steelers*) *6 superbowl wins

How many NFL teams won 6 Super Bowls?

1. The Pittsburgh Steelers.

How many teams won 3 or more super bowls in the same decade?


How many super bowls have Missouri tigers been 2?

college teams can't play in the super bowl

How many nfl teams have won 3 super bowls?

If it's only 3 Super Bowls then: Oakland Raiders, New England Patriots and Washington Redskins.

How many rookie quarterbacks have won the Super Bowl?

While no true rookie quarterback has ever reached the Super Bowl, two quarterbacks have taken their teams all the way and won Super Bowls their first years as starters. This feat was first accomplished by Kurt Warner of the St. Louis Rams, followed by Tom Brady of the New England Patriots.

How many quarterbacks won 3 Super Bowls?

4 Terry bradshaw Joe Montana Troy Aikman Tom Brady