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1 quarterback selected in the 1983 NFL Draft won a Super Bowl (John Elway) and 5 were on teams that played in a Super Bowl and lost (John Elway, Jim Kelly, Tony Eason, Dan Marino, Gary Kubiak).

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Q: How many quarterbacks drafted in 1983 marino elway etc won a Super Bowl?
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Which three NFL quarterbacks were drafted in the 1983 NFL Draft?

Jim Kelly, John Elway and Hall of Famer Dan Marino have all played in a Super Bowl. --------------------------------- Marino never made it to the super bowl.

What quarterbacks were drafted by the NFL in 1983?

Jim Kelly, John Elway, Todd Blackledge, Dan Marino, Steve Young

What quarterback started the same year as John Elway and Dan Marino?

Bernie Kosar is one of many quarterbacks that were also drafted that same year.

Which Quarterbacks drafted number one have Super Bowl rings?

Troy Aikman, Eli Manning, Payton Manning, Jim Plunket, John Elway.

Who were the quarterbacks for the Denver Broncos then they won their Super bowls?

John Elway

Who are the 4 quarterbacks to complete 4000 passes?

Brett Favre - 5,894Dan Marino - 4,967John Elway - 4,123Peyton Manning - 4,026

How many quarterbacks have 50000 yards in the NFL?

Four. Dan Marino, John Elway, Brett Favre and Peyton Manning.

Who was quarterbacks in the Super Bowl of 1999?

The quarterbacks for the 1999 Super Bowl XXXIII were Denver Broncos John Elway, and Atlanta Falcons Chris Chandler.

Is there any quarterbacks age 35 or older that won Super Bowl?

john elway

When was John elway drafted?

john elway was drafted in 1983

How many NFL quarterbacks have 4000 completions?

Currently four have 4000 or more:Brett Favre - 5,894Dan Marino - 4,967John Elway - 4,123Peyton Manning - 4,026

What quarterbacks have taken the Broncos to the Super Bowl?

Only two quarterbacks have started for the Denver Broncos in Super Bowls -- Craig Morton (Super Bowl XII) and John Elway (XXI, XXII, XXIV, XXXII and XXXIII).

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