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nearly 500

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Q: How many professional skateboarders are in the US?
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How many professional skateboarders are there?


Why do you need a eduaction for professional skateboarding?

you don't many professional skateboarders dropped out of high school for example p-rod

Do professional skateboarders have retirement plans?

yes of course

Who are the top black professional skateboarders?

Terry Kennedy

Why do skateboarders go professional?

to get paid, get free product and clothes

How do professional skateboarders make a living?

by winning competitions and getting endorsements

Are Zeke and Luther Professional Skateboarders?

yes some stunts they do do. they do skateboard.

How many skateboarders are there in the us?

One in ten United States teenagers own a skateboard.

How many amateur skateboarders are in the us?

One in ten United States teenagers own a skateboard.

All of the female professional skateboarders from Canada?

no, in fact most are from Spain and south America

How many skateboarders are there in the UK?

There are approximatl 13,000 skateboarders in the United Kingdom and counting

Are there any autistic skateboarders?

In professional no. But yeah! Many autistic people SB just for fun! it helps their brain function wel! Thanks! -Megan:}

How much does a professional skateboarder earn?

Professional skateboarders can make $6000 a month, which is $72,000 per year. The money comes primarily from sponsorships and advertisements.

How many skateboarders in the world?

No one knows. Even as you read this people are probably becoming skateboarders.

What is the salary professional skateboarder?

The very best professional skateboarders make from $500,000 to $1 million per year. Professional skaters at the mid-level earn from $50,000 to $100,000 per year.

What does DC sneakers mean?

Danny and Colin, the two founding creators/owners/professional skateboarders of DC Shoes.

How much profit does a professional skateboarder make?

There are many professional skateboarders, all with varying degrees of earning potential. However, those somewhere in the middle earn 50,000 to 100,000 a year, while the most successful skaters make up to a million annually.

How many skateboarders are there in the world?


How many skateboarders are there today?


How many skateboarders get hurt each year?

Maybe 10 to 30 a day, so alot skateboarders may be hurt a year

How many skateboarders are in the world?

4 billion.

Roughly how many skateboarders are in NYC?


How much does skateboarding pay?

Skateboarding doesn't pay in itself, but professional skateboarders get tons of money though sponsors, who have their logo in the skater's skateboard.

How many skateboarders die each year?


How much money do professional skateboarders earn?

It all depends on their sponsors and how many they have, and the popularity of the skater themself, his/her sponsors, and contests and demo's.normaly they get paid 500 for a sponser but more for depends, it could be Thousands, Millions or more :)