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As far as I know, there are the Washington Wizards (basketball) Washington Nationals(baseball) Washington Capitals(hockey) and the Washington Redskins (football). That makes a total of 4.

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Q: How many professional men's sports teams call Washington DC home?
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How many professional sport teams call the DC area home?

There are five professional sports teams that call the DC area home. They are: The Washington Capitals(NHL), The Washington Mystics(WNBA), The Washinton Wizzards(NBA), The Washington Nationals(MLB) and The D.C. United(MLS). There is, however, a fifth that considers Washington DC it's home. The Washington Redskins(NFL) call DC home and it used to be when the played at RFK Memorial Stadium, but they now play at FedEx Field located in Landover MD

Is there a sports team in Philadelphia that calls this city as their home?

Several professional sports teams call Philadelphia their home. Eagles (NFL)Phillies (MLB)76ers (NBA)Flyers (NHL)

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How many sports teams call the state of Iowa home?

apple juice

How many sports teams call themselves Oilers?

it used to be 3, now it's 2.

What basketball teams play in new york?

There are many basketball teams that call New York home. However, if you are talking professional basketball teams, then there are two men's teams-- The New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets. There is one women's professional team in New York-- the Liberty.

What would the call to action be in a persuasive essay where you are arguing that women should not play on men sports teams?

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Sports Call was created in 1996.

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The duration of Sports Call is 2 hours.

Which sports teams call BMO Harris Bradley Center home?

BMO Harris Bradley Center is home to three different teams. These teams are the Milwaukee Bucks, the American Hockey League's Milwaukee Admirals, and the Marquette University Golden Eagles.

What four professional sports teams did pennsylvainia call home?

Pittsburgh Pirates - MLB Pittsburgh Steelers - NFL Pittsburgh Penguins - NHL Philadelphia Phillies - MLB Philadelphia Eagles - NFL Philadelphia Flyers - NHL Philadelphia Sixers - NBA Philadelphia Union - MLS

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some call it a sport and others call it an Obsession. Most riders who take the sport seriously have a coach. Many riders also are on teams. hey are still sports and Motocross is considered to be one of the most strenuous sports

How many pro sports teams are in Florida?

Good question. It depends on what you call a 'pro'. Maybe you can specify your question and we can answer more... Send another question!

What do you call a person addicted to sports?

You would call them a sports addict.

Do any sports teams play professionally in the MEN Arena?

No teams currently call the MEN Arena home. Previously, there were British basketball and ice hockey teams from Manchester that played there. Now the arena is primarily used for concerts, UFC fights and boxing matches.

Is wrestling is really true?

Wrestlers call what they do, SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT, meaning the athleticism is real but obviously the story lines are for the most part fabricated, most professional wrestlers call what they do not fake but predetermined.

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You call him an athlete.

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depends on what people call sports

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I would call them a "Fanatic" or "Super Fan"

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What do they call sports summary?


What professional sports team was first to call Los Angeles their home town?

The NFL's Cleveland Rams moved to Los Angeles and became the Los Angeles Rams in 1946.