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Because Gatorade

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Q: How many professional footballers in the UK?
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How many british professional footballers play abroad?

How many English footballers play abroad

How many professional footballers are there in the world?


How many professional footballers in the world?

When was Professional Footballers' Association created?

Professional Footballers' Association was created in 1907.

When was Professional Footballers Australia created?

Professional Footballers Australia was created in 1993-04.

How much do female professional footballers earn a year?

At the moment many female footballers professional or not don't get payed i do know that the main 11 from the englands woman team stared to get payed a bit but there the only women footballers i know that get payed.

What do professional footballers do in training?

well they do pushups curl ups and many other excersises

Which professional footballers wear Adidas f50 adizero?


How many footballers are gay?

there may be many but the only footballer to ever "come out" is Justin Fashanu he player professional football for england

How much do Semi professional footballers earn?

€250 p/w

Is double back flip a skill or a celebration?

A double back flip is a skill and not a celebration. Many professional footballers usually use this skill to get better of their opponents. This skill is popular among the Brazilian footballers.

What are the names of Uk football players that have played in Europe?

The names of some of the UK footballers that have played in Europe include Gareth Bale, Ashley Cole, David Beckham, and many others.

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