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Q: How many premierships have jerilderie football club won?
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How many premierships have port magpies won?

They have won 36 premierships in their history which is an Australian record for any club..

Are carlton football club good?

The Carlton Football Club are the greatest AFL team in the world! Their record of the equal most premierships ever speaks for it's self. Sure in the 70's and 80's thay were a little arrogant, but that's what we love! GO BLUES!

How many premierships has Melbourne demons won?

Melbourne has won 12 premierships

How many premierships has west cost won?

3 Premierships

How many AFL Grand finals have the North Melbourne Kangaroos won?

The Geelong Football Club has won 8 premierships (1925, 1931, 1937, 1951, 1952, 1963, 2007, 2009). Actually, in the earlier decades of Australian Football, the teams played off for a premiership flag; it was later changed to a cup.

How many premierships has Melbourne won?


Where can one find information about the Sunderland Football Club?

There are many places where one can find information about the Sunderland Football Club. One can find information about the Sunderland Football Club at popular on the web sources such as Kitbag and the official Sunderland Football Club website.

How many premierships has St Kilda won?

If you include the club's time in the old VFL competition when known as 'Footscray Football Club', then the club has won only the solitary premiership in 1954. Under the name of the Western Bulldogs and since being in the AFL, it has not won any further premierships.

How many premierships did wally Lewis win?


How many premierships have hawthorn won?

Hawthorn have won ten Premierships. The years that Hawthorn have won, is in: 1961 1971 1976 1978 1983 1986 1988 1989 1991 2008

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