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Sir Alex Ferguson has won 46 trophies with Scottish club and Manchester United.

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20 titles.

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Q: How many premier league titles has sir alex feguson won?
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How many premiere league titles did Sir Alex Ferguson win with Manchester United?

Manchester United won 13 Premier League titles under Sir Alex Ferguson.

How many league titles did sir alex win at man you?

Alex had won 13 league titles with Man United.

Oldest player to ever play in the English premier league?

alex fugilicious

Manager of the month October 2009 Premier league?

Sir Alex Fergeson

The best coach in barclays premier league?

Alex Ferguson of Manchester United

When did sir alex win first premier league cup?

The 1992-93 season.

Who was the manager of the team that won the premier league last season?

sir alex Ferguson

Which player has won a premier league medal a European cup medal and was relegated?

Alex Milbourne

How many current Premier League managers have previously won top division league titles in Europe?

Six - Sir Alex Ferguson,Roberto Mancini,Arsene Wenger,Harry Redknapp,Kenny Dalglish,Alex Mcleish

When did sir Alex Ferguson fail to win the premier league title with Manchester united since he took over?

Man Utd have won 11 of the 18 Premier League titles - the ones they didn't win were 1995 (Blackburn), 1998, 2002 and 2004 (Arsenal), and 2005, 2006 and 2010 (Chelsea). Fergie took over in 1986, six years before the start of the Premier League. The winners in those years were: Everton (1987), Liverpool (1988 and 1990), Arsenal (1989 and 1991), and Leeds (1992).

Who is the oldest coach in English premier league?

Right now it's Arsne Wenger, manager of Arsenal

How many players have made appearances for both Sir Alex Ferguson and David Moyes in the Barclays Premier League?