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If you want good players I would Suggest five days a week for two to three hours

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Q: How many practices a week for basketball?
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How many practices do NFL teams have a week?


How many hours does a basketball player work?

* About four to five hours a week.

Which sports practices the longest football or basketball?


Do girls do better at basketball?

I think a girl can do better at basketball than a guy. If the guy practices 1 day a wee and the girl practices 3 days a week it is clear that the girl should do better. People say that boys are better if they have the same amount of practice. This is said mostly because boys are built more muscler at birth. But if a girl exercises the parts needed for basketball there is no saying she will do worse. But it also depends if the person has talent in basketball or not.

how do you want to better your basketball stats?

In the winter time it is very easy for me to practice basketball outdoor. I don't have many things to do in this season, so I can go outdoor to play basketball and make as much points as I need to score. I can make it happen by practices.

How many hours does Tom Daley practice?

Tom says he practices for around 28 hours per week.

How do you use cohesive in a sentence?

Jacob's basketball consisted of many ball hogs, but after many strenuous practices, they learned to become cohesive.

What is the time commitment for AAU basketball?

You have to be able to practice for two days a week for two hours and expect a tornement almost every weekend. Most coaches do not tolerate missing practices or games. It is a very competitive league.

What is a sentence for determind?

I was determined to eat all of my meal. The boys on the basketball team held extra practices this week because they're determined to win the championship game. The jurors determined that Mr. Jones did not commit the crime.

How much basketball would you have to play each week to reach the the benefits of basketball?

Every Day

How much money do basketball players get paid a week?


How does the Basketball Play Software work?

Basketball Play software allows coaches and players to draw up plays and use them in games and practices. This software is common in pro and college basketball, but is not necessary for casual teams.