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There are some other factors that you need to know. What size person is this kick coming from, weight, height, strength, and distance.

A good martial artist can snap a kick out at 30 to 40 miles an hour. Focus onto a rather small area of contact can create forces in excess of 1000 pounds of pressure. The exact amount is going to vary based on the factors above.

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Q: How many pounds of pressure is in a karate kick?
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There are many variations of kicks in the many different karate systems, but there are four primary kicks: front kick, round kick, side kick and back kick. These four kicks can be further categorized (eg. thrust vs. snap, high vs. low, spinning vs. straight, etc.). A practitioner can achieve "mastery" in kicking within the system with solely these four kicks .

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The only way to accurately determine the amount of pounds or pressure per square inch is being delivered by any strike is to use a scale or device that registers impact. However, it is very difficult to be exact since many factors go into the principles of power, applied force as affected by reaction force, acceleration, balance, and other factors. One common method of testing the power of a kick in general is to strike an heavy object, such as a kicking bag, and measure the amount of movement, or see how many 12x12x1 (3/4 inch) pine boards you can break. This should only be attempted under the direct supervision of a qualified instructor since injury could occur.

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