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16 ounces to a pound, for a hundred 1 oz'll need 6 1/4 pounds of material

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Q: How many pounds do you need for 100 1 oz servings?
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How many pounds of hash browns do i need for 100 servings of cheesy hash browns?

If they are having other food with it, about 75 cups.

How many 6--ounce servings do you get out of 100 pounds of stew meat?

We're not sure how much uncooked meat makes how many cooked servings,what with veggies, broth, shrinkage, etc., but here's the raw math:100 pounds = 1,600 ounces1,600/6 = 266 2/3

How many pounds do you need to get 100 kg?

100 kilograms = 220.46 pounds.

How many 100 g servings are in 15.0 ounces?

That is 4.25 servings

How many pounds of beans do you need for 100 people?

You need 25 pounds of green beans

How many pounds of food a day does a human need to survive?

i think it is a 100 pounds

How much uncooked pasta do you need to make 100 1 cup servings?

It depends on the type of pasta but typically 2oz of pasta makes about a 1 cup serving. So I'd prob do about 12-15 pounds for 100 1 cup servings to play it safe.

How many servings of ice cream in 1.5 quarts?


How many bottles of wine do you need for 100 people?

25 bottle of wine would be needed for 100 people. There are roughly 4 servings in a normal bottle of wine.

How many pounds of potato salad do you need to feed 100 people?

how many pounds of potato salad do I need to feed 100 people

How many ounces of green beans should you serve per person?

For green beans, typically 4 ounces per person will be adequate.

If 10.5 pounds of turnips can serve 100 students how many more pounds do I need to serve 250 students?

100 = 10.5 pounds 50 = 5.25 pounds 250 = 10.5 + 10.5 + 5.25 = 26.25 pounds