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There are nine field positions in the game of Baseball: 1) Pitcher

2) Catcher

3) First Baseman

4) Second Baseman

5) Third Baseman

6) Shortstop

7) Left Fielder

8) Center Fielder

9) Right Fielder Click on the 'Positions of Baseball' link on this page to see a diagram of where the positions mentioned above are located on a baseball field.
There are 9 positions on a baseball team.

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it depends, do you mean just players on the field, both teams batting and fielding, are you including coaches, and what about the umpires, are you asking about a little league game a highschool game college game or pro game, just try to be a little more specific. But in pro ball only including players, not umps or coaches or anything else, only active on the field players, you have 18 playing at one time

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Nine positions.


1st base

2nd base


3rd base

left field

center field

right field


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Q: How many possible plays are there in one baseball game?
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