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Lewis has been a very successful F1 driver winning 9 races and being on podium 22 times out of the total 38 races he has competed in. He has also won the drivers world championship once in the year 2008 where he beat Felipe Massa by one point during the last race to seal the title.

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Fernando has had 19 pole positions in Formula 1. Information is correct following Monza 2010.

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9. (As of the 2008 German Grand Prix)

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Lewis has had 22 Pole Positions.

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45 up to and before the 2016 Austrian GP

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Q: How many pole positions has Lewis Hamilton had in his career?
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Lewis Hamilton has entered 101 Grand Prix since debuting in 2007.*As of August 12th, 2012.

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Lewis has won one F1 World championship in the year 2008 (This year)

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Lewis Hamilton has won a total of 14 races so far in his F1 career (Till end of 2010 season) He is also a one-time F1 world Drivers Champion in the year 2008. This year in 2010 he won a total of 3 races and was in the podium 9 times.

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