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33,000 points

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Q: How many points would Shaquille O'Neal have if he was an effective free-throw shooter?
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How many points does a freethrow after a foul get in basketball?

1 point

How many points did Shaquille O'Neal score in the NBA?

Shaquille O'Neal has 28,491 points in his NBA career.

What is Shaquille O'Neal's most points scored in a single game?

61 points

How many points did Shaquille O'Neal score in 2005-2006?

1181 points

How many pointers can you get in basketball?

You can get up to 4 points. You can get 1 point for every freethrow you make when you are fouled. Two points for every basket you make inside the 3-point line. 3 points for every basket you make outside the 3-point line and 4 points if you were to get fouled while shooting the 3, therefore if you make your freethrow making it four points all together.

How many points did shaquille o'neal average in 2006?


How many points did Shaquille O'Neal average during the 2000 NBA finals?

50 points

How many points did Shaquille O'Neal average each year playing with the lakers?

30 points

What was the record Shaquille O'Neal set for most points in a 4 game NBA Final?

145 Points

What is the highest amount of points scored by Shaquille O'Neal in a NBA game?

61 points on his 28th birthday

How many points did Shaquille O'Neal average in 2006 finals?


Which nba basketball player holds the record for most points on his birthday?

Shaquille O'neil with 61 points on his birthday

What was the most points chris paul scored in a single game?

61 points in honor of his grandfather who died at the age of 61. when chris paul reached 61 points in the fourth quarter he chucked his freethrow shot into the crowd and mysteriously left the court.

What is the role of the scorer in basketball?

The role of a scorer, (or shooter) is to shoot the ball at a high percentage. The scorer is usually the best shooter on the team. The shooter (or shooting guard) usually has the most points per game.

Is hitting the hand of a shooter a foul in basketball?

Yes. It is called a 'block' and will result in 2 foul shots for the shooter. If the shooter makes the shot but also gets fouled, the basket counts as 2 points and the shooter gets 1 foul shot opportunity.

How many points does Shaquille O'Neal average per game?

He averages an average that is averagelly an avg of about average points per avg game.

How do you score points in a basketball game?

Shoot the ball into the hoop. A freethrow is 1 point. A shot from outside the 3pt line is worth 3 points. In regular play, any shot inside the 3pt line is 2 points.You get 2 points for every basket you make in.

How many points do you get when you score in basketball?

Officially, 1 for a freethrow, 2 for a field goal, and 3 for a 3-pointer (any shot made behind the three-point line).

How many career points does Shaquille O'Neal have?

At the moment (04.07.09) he has 27549 career points, making him 5th on the NBA all time scoring list.

Does Lebron James have more points than Shaquille O'Neal and Iverson through first 400 games?


What is the most points Shaquille O'Neal oneal has scored in an nba game?

61 pts against the Clippers

Why can a player be awarded one or two shots for a free throw in basketball?

This is because the amount of freethrow you get depends on the shot you take and wether you make it. If you take a 2pt shot and miss you get 2 shots. If you take a 3pt shot and miss you take 3 shots. but if you make the shot your points count and you get an extra shot hence the 1 freethrow

How do you get sparkles on poptropica outfit?

No, but if you have two hundred and fifty poptropocan points, you can buy a silly-string shooter.

Who is the most accurate shooter in the nba?

The most accurate shooter in the NBA is currently Reggie Miller. His points per game average is 18.2. Behind him are Larry Bird then Michael Jordan.

Who averged more points during championchips Kobe or Shaquille O'Neal?

Shaq averaged more points than Kobe during the LA Lakers three-peat.