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In a normal volleyball game you have to score to 25 and be winning be at least 2 points.

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Q: How many points must a team win by in volleyball?
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How many points must your team need to win a volleyball game?

To Win A Volleyball Match You Need 25 Points.

How many points must be scored to win in volleyball?

25 points are required in a normal game of volleyball. If the teams are tied on 24 points, deuce will be played until one team wins by a 2 point margin.

How many points must a team gain to win a set in volleyball?

For the first 2 games a team has to get 25 points, In the last game (tie breaker) a team has to get 15 points. In most situations you have to win by 2 points.

How many minutes is a high school volleyball game?

Volleyball games are not timed. They play best three out of five at the varsity level. The first team to twenty-five points. You must win by two points.

A game must be win by a least one point in volleyball?

well if you are in jh volleyball it is only 21 points but if you are in hs it is 25 points and once you reach 25 and they are tied you go until you beat them by 2 points.

In volleyball when a player scores how many points does that make for the team?

One point.

What does set mean in volleyball terms?

A set consists of 25 points, Once a team reaches 25 points, the team has won a set. However if both teams are on 24 you must win by 2 points.

How many points are needed to win a volleyball game?

1 more than the other team

Can the receiving team score points in volleyball?


How long does volleyball go for?

best 2 out of 3 games. each game is first team to 25 points. must win by 2.

Who is the winner of a volleyball game?

The winner of a volleyball game is the one who beats the other team by at least 2 points.

How many points does volleyball play to?

25 unless the team is not winning by two points. If they aren't, they play till 30. the first to thirty wins at that point.